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can i just say one thing??????


Info for ms. ashley :)

  • Seminar will be held on Mondays from 9-12pm in Wilson Wallis hall RM 221
  • Book Prices for our class- 1st book : Breaking out of the Box cost is $35.95, price split between us is approx $18.00 book 2- SOWK Course pack 2009-2010 cost $7.00
  • BSW FALL 09 ORIENTATION Monday August 21st in ETSU Culp Center Meeting RM 3 (3rd Level) from 9am-2pm

Much love to you... SEE YA SOON Ashley :)

Jun. 2nd, 2009

moms in the hospital in dc with an electrolight imbalance...she should be let out tomorrow

now for a little distraction, is this not THE GREATEST?

Apr. 25th, 2009

why do gay guys have to be douches ?????????????

how gay are you

<a href="http://www.gay-test.com" title="The Gay Test"><img src="http://www.gay-test.com/images/badges/53.gif" width=200 height=150 border=0 title="Am I gay?"></a><br>Gay-Test.com - <a href="http://www.gay-test.com">Am I gay?</a>


so, both the mens and womens basketball teams are gooing to the NCAA its fabulous i leave for i believe kansas or  LA on tuesday HEHEHEHE im fucking stoked.... i get a free plane ride class absences meals and hotels for FREE IM EXCITED.... right now im on spring break and i had a fabulus night at the gay bar... with friends and a hot boy hahahaha lots of makeout sessions, because whoring is fun.... right now im at the laundry mat with my roommate on his computer whilest he is playing his french horn in the car AHAHAHA... i love him he is bloody awesome.  hes leaving for denver in a few hours for grad school audition... i wish him well hes one hell of an amazing performer but hes too self conscious... there snothing else new in my life.  i will post pictures as soon as i find my camera cord... i promise
so, as most of you know I'm getting close to graduation.  This morning I had my internship interview with the social work field director.  It went extremely well... my top choice is the Excellence center for AIDS and HIV !!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked about graduating in December I can't tell you what it feels like :)

a pup named bella

Well i have officially turned in my internship packet!!!! i have my meeting with the director on thursday to figure out where i want to be placed.  i'm also excited that friday i'm going to nashville with the pep band for the basketball conference men's are in first place right now and the women are in third...go us!

today i havent done much just slept and walked the pups.  have i shown yall a picture of my lil pup bella?

risen from the dead

Hey all,

I'm back for good now. I finally have a stable life.  I moved out of my other apartment into a new one that is located on campus but it is privately owned.  My roommate is fucking amazing.  He's a fraternity brother and an all around amazing friend... It's good to feel norrmal again.  I'm still job hunting but hopefully that will end in the near future.  Right now I have seven hours of class and my internship and I graduate.  I have decided that I'm going back for a second Bacholars degree, this time I'm going Pre-Med.  I want to be a doctor more than anything in this life and I figure the state the Economy is in everyone's in debt I might as well do something that I've only dreampt about.  I'm really happy these days.  I'm working out again and just taking care of some lose odds and ends.  Is there anything more I can possibly ask for?  Not too much.  I look forward to reading and catching up with you guys... CHEERS


FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!